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AED 499

Product Details

  • 5 stem Salmon color Rose
  • 2 stem dark pink Hygrangea,
  • 1 stem purple hydrangea
  • 7 stem purple rose
  • 3 stem purple Astromeria
  • 1 stem Astrantia Million Star
  • 4 stem Amni, Glass vase in premium design.

Please note that due to the seasonality of some flowers, they may not be available all year round. If any flowers are not available due to seasonality, they will be replaced with similar flowers.

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  • Upon receiving your flowers arrangement, remove the packaging if any and let them breathe for sometime.
  • As suggested cut the stems around 1-2 Inches at a 45 degree angle, please remove all the leaves below the water line and settle the flowers with clean tap water.
  • While removing the leaves, please remove the leaves below the water line but do not remove all the leaves along the stem length.
  • As suggested after every 24 hours , please cut the stems around 1-2 cms from the bottom and replace it with fresh tap water.
  • Do not place your flowers in direct sunlight or near by any source of excessive heat.
  • Do not placed your flowers direct under a fan or AC.
  • In case of any wilted petals or leaves remove it from the flowers.
  • Daily mist of water can help to get the most of the benefits from the flowers.
  • Follow the care guide and love your flowers.

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